Transparent Aparey

Transparent Aparey

Do not want to use metal braces and looking for an alternative?

TRANSPARENT APAREY treatment; it is an aesthetic orthodontic solution that will quickly bring your teeth to the ideal position. With this treatment method which is difficult to detect externally without the need for metal braces, it is possible to prevent the problems of perplexed teeth.



It is a painless and comfortable orthodontic treatment compared to metal braces. During the day you will even forget that you have transparent appliances in your mouth.


Transparent appliances are healthy, specially produced for every person. It does not adversely affect your health. In your work, at home, in your daily life, you will be in a perfect convenience with your appliances in your daily activities.


Transparent appliances are manufactured from the most advanced materials using the latest 3D printer and scanner technologies.


Transparent appliances are very easy to use. You will get one step closer to your happy and healthy smile in each sequential transparent appliance.


Transparent appliances are the most aesthetic and transparent solution that will allow you to get the smile you want in modern orthodontics. Even your closest ones will not realize that your teeth are under orthodontic treatment.


1 – Examination

With the dentist who will perform your treatment, it is checked whether your oral and dental health is suitable for the treatment

2 – Measure

If your mouth and dental health is suitable for the treatment of your appliance, your doctor will start taking your mouth measurements.

3 – 3D Analysis

You can examine your personal 3D treatment plan according to your mouth size with your dentist.
4 – Production

With the approval of the analysis, each individual device is designed with 3D printers and delivered to your dentist.

ach individual device is designed with 3D printers and delivered to your dentist.

Enjoy the ease of use!

Transparent Aparey is an invisible orthodontic treatment that will give you the ideal smile. You can completely plan your treatment with your dentist. Since you can insert and remove your transparent appliances at any time, the control will be your dentist and then you will have it. If you want your orthodontic treatment to be realized in a way not to be noticed by others, you should get transparent appliances immediately.

How long does transparent plaque treatment last?

As with all other orthodontic treatments, the duration of transparent plaque treatment may vary according to the severity of the disorder that needs to be treated and according to the individual. What is important in this treatment is that the patient should use his / her plaques during the day. If the patient adapts to the treatment, it may last shorter than the other orthodontic treatment methods.

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