Bad breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath is a common problem, fearful dream for many . Although this problem tried to be eliminated temporarily by some methods that are used personally, it is not possible to solve this problem radically unless the original source of the problem is identified and treated.

What is the Source of Oral Smell?

The source of the bad breath is divided into three groups:

  1. Source scents area through the mouth.
  2. Breath and odors from the airways.
  3. Smells from the digestive system.

The source of odor from the mouth is mostly the problems in the mouth. Dryness of the mouth, prolonged fasting, diseases in the mouth, inflammation and the accumulation of bacteria on the tongue are the main sources of this problem. Untreated caries, food residues trapped between the teeth, improper prostheses, gum diseases and lack of necessary oral care are among the many causes of odor.

The odors from breathing and airways are about 10% of all bad breaths and may be the result of or as a result of some serious diseases. Diabetes is among the first to come to mind among these diseases, The odor from the digestive system is quite small.

Treatment of Halitosis

For the treatment, the source of the smell must be correctly identified and the source must be eliminated. Special devices are used to determine the odor level. Treatment in mouth-borne smells is tailored to the individual and the needs of the patient, and is mostly composed of eliminating food impurities in the mouth, removal of inflammations and caries, and reduction of the number of oral bacteria by oral care. While these treatments are carried out on one side in our dental clinic, on the other hand, oral care education and practices ensure that odor is completely eliminated.

Continuous Oral Care

Only the use of a toothbrush is not sufficient as oral care. In order to get rid of bacteria and odors and other problems, dental floss, tongue scraper should be used and Antibacterial mouthwashes are also useful when necessary.

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