Aesthetic Dentistry

Estediş Oral and Dental Health Aesthetic Dentistry

Today, one of the reasons for applying to the dentist is to have an aesthetic smile. There are many factors that affect the aesthetic appearance of the teeth such as alignment, shape, size, color, harmony with the lips and other surrounding tissues, gum color and level. The aim of aesthetic dentistry is to achieve the most aesthetic result possible with a multidisciplinary approach.

Start Records

The patient, who applied to the dentist with aesthetic expectations, is firstly photographed. By transferring the received recordings to digital media, the current situation is determined and the arrangements to be made are evaluated.

Pink Aesthetics

Gingivectomy, crown length extension, can be rearranged gingival procedures such as brakeectomy. Depigmentation can be performed in patients with gingival smear. If the gums are seen too much in the smile position called Gummy smile, lip repositioning arrangements can be made.

Orthodontic Treatment Requirement

If there are positional defects in the teeth, the need for orthodontic treatment is evaluated first. Problems such as densities, closure disorders, and short or long term orthodontic treatment are tried to be eliminated.

Teeth whitening

Dental aesthetics is the first thing that comes to mind for teeth whitening . White teeth is the most important part of a beautiful smile. Natural teeth are structurally rarely white. Some of the factors that causes the loss of vitality of the teeth include:

  • cigarette
  • tea
  • coffee
  • foods and beverages with frequent coloring
  • old age

The problem of discoloration in the teeth is also discussed among the subjects of aesthetic dentistry.

Prosthetic Restorations

While the treatment is applied in the area of aesthetic dentistry, the priority is to choose the option that will cause the least harm to dental health. Our aim is to acheive natural tooth structure with the best treatment.
Laminate Veneer
Normally laminate veneers are applied in the front part of the teeth. Thanks to the special advantage of Lamina, the color permeability is at the highest level and thus, the results are quite good. the lamine fits very well with the teeth and its surroundings

Full Porcelain (Empress) Crowns

Porcelain, is made fully of ceramic. it is obtained by braking ceramic and compressing it under pressure without using any metal infrastructure.
Zirconium bottom porcelain
In zirconium bottom porcelain, zirconium is used instead of metal. Zirconium based porcelains are so durable that they can be used in both front and rear teeth. For this reason, porcelain based zirconium can be preferred in front and rear teeth.

Wax-up and mock-up

the mock-up study is performed so that the doctor and the patient can have a more realistic prediction about the outcome. On the basis of the data obtained in the digital environment, a guide called wax-up is prepared on the initial model taken from the patient’s mouth and this guide is transferred to the patient’s mouth with a temporary material.

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