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Why Turkey?

70% LESS
Turkey is one of the hotspots in dental tourism for Europeans. Get the same dental treatment with the same European medical standards for 70% less; plus have a great vacation in Istanbul with our special rates.

Max 3,5 Hours
It takes at most 3.5 hours flight trip from London to Istanbul.
It takes at most 3.5 hours flight trip from Paris to Istanbul.
It takes at most 3.5 hours flight trip from Berlin to Istanbul.

European Community Health Standards
As a country engaged in European Community membership talks, Turkey has updated her health standards according to European Community Health Standards.

We have two modern dental clinics which were established in 2008, 2014 in near Istanbul Atatürk Airport with more than 25 staff including 8 dentists and 6 dental surgeons at your service.
Latest technology equipment and highest hygiene and safety standards are utilized at the clinic. We follow European Community Health Standards and consider your total satisfaction as our top priority.

Get Free Treatment Plan From Our Dentists.
Get 70% off! Have the same treatment with European Community Standards.
Meet with the Highest Standards.Our clinics are equipped with the latest technology instruments USA and European dental meterials.
We make all travel, flight tickets, transfer and accommodation arrangements besides treatment.

We constantly follow the evolving technology; conduct continuous the quality of equipments we use, renewal and maintenance of appliance and equipment.
All treatment institutions have quality and warranty certificates i.e. implants lifelong, crowns 5 years.

We have promotions We will help you by finding the cheapest and closest hotel and flight details. We are always at your service.
We are located in central Istanbul, we welcome you to the airport, take you to our clinic or to hotel.

While we are preparing everything for your dental treatment, we also make sure you have free time to enjoy the great city.

Before your arrival we get everything ready for your personal dental treatment and we assure you a healthy and beautiful smile within a short time.
Before you decide your dental trip, it is essential that you know the exact treatment you will receive from our clinic. We need you to provide some details about you and your current dental condition in the following form.Within 24 hours of submission, we will evaluate your application and contact you by phone and email for further clarification.
Finally, we will send you an email including an outline of your treatment plan with the duration and cost information.

Contact us with phone +90 444 70 90

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